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Energy generating bike

2021-12-15 16:31 - 0 Comments

Use an ergometric bike (fitness bike) to generate electric energy for a bus/train/ferry stop. All types of users and public can ride a bike while waiting for public transportation, where the mechanical energy provided by the user is transformed in electric energy and used in the illumination of the bus/train stop at night. The advertising display is also transformed in a video game screen. According to the distances covered by the users, the battery bar in the screen is filled until the “champion” completes the whole bar.

The project reinforces the need for physical activity in our society, for health purposes, and the improvement in quality life it provides. The energy produced by the users is clean, renewable and reveals the concern with the environment and ecology. The main objective is to promote social and educative values in a fun and creative way, redeeming ludic and human aspects from those who get touched with our project.
Submitted by Ricardo Fonseca



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