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The problem: public water fountains are used less because many people buy bottled water under the impression that it is better, when in fact bottled water often comes from the same source as tap water. The difference is, bottled water has lower safety standards, is harmful to the environment, and costs up to 1,900 more per liter. What if drinking from water fountains was fun and educational? The fountain will be constructed with transparent materials so that when it is used the person can observe water flowing through the structure and read an educational fact about drinking water from the tap/fountain vs. drinking bottled water. The fountain will display positive facts about using the fountain. For example:
1) Did you know this fountain has higher testing and purity standards than bottled water? Want to see the built in purifier? It’s right there…
2) You could pay up to 1,900 times more per liter to drink this water bottled…or you could enjoy it here for free.
3) Pure, filtered and delicious. This water quenches your thirst without draining the earth.
4) By drinking this water, you’re keeping the earth, and your wallet green.
Submitted by Miles Chic



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