The Dirty Truth

2021-12-15 22:47 - 0 Comments

Many people do not wash like they should after using the lavatory. Growing concerns over bacteria causing illnesses (i.e. SWINE flu, Common colds) and just plain nastiness are on everyone’s minds.
In this fun and marketable idea we are proposing a way to get people to think about what is on their hands before they leave the lavatory and in return change their behavior for the betterment of us all. The idea is to modify a standard PIV light switch with a UV / Black light mounted on the front. The UV light would be triggered by the motion sensor as the standard lights are triggered. The UV light however would have a shorter duration since most switches are configured for the maximum of 15 minutes. The patron approaches the door to exit and the UV light pops on drawing their attention and reminds them to wash or allows them to view the bacteria that may be left on their hands.
Submitted by Gina & DeWayne



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