Crosswalk Trivia Game

2021-12-15 18:39 - 0 Comments

We all seem to be in a rush, especially in busy metropolitan areas. In all aspects of this modern life, the temptation to cut corners and take shortcuts is too great. Pedestrians place themselves at great risk when they fail to use crosswalks just to shave a few seconds from their journeys.

Since 1975, over 180,000 pedestrians have been killed in motor vehicle accidents in the United States. The majority of pedestrian accidents occur at locations other than intersections. Jaywalking can be deadly.*

The Trivial Cross-Walk Game will encourage pedestrians to pause a few moments and use the crosswalk rather than jaywalk on busy streets. Crosswalks at busy intersections will be painted with colorful question marks to attract the attention and curiosity of pedestrians. Simple LCD monitors will be placed at both ends of the crosswalk to entertain passersby by asking trivia questions. When it is safe to cross the street, a timer will start, and pedestrians can cross the street to learn the answer to the trivia question from the LCD monitor on the opposite side of the street. The reward at the other end of the crosswalk is a new bit of knowledge to learn, or possibly confirmation of knowledge already known. At the same time, safe street crossing habits are reinforced.

* National Highway Traffic Association and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
Submitted by Elizabeth Sanchez



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