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Crosswalk in memory of the King

2021-12-15 23:38 - 0 Comments

Crosswalks are everywhere where we need them, but paradoxically people prefer to cross the street on other places, even when the crosswalk is only few meters away. This causes accidents.

In the videoclip from Michael Jacksons „Billie Jean“, he walks on a path and everything he touches lights up. I always found that fascinating, specially the lights on the floor.

So my idea is to install those light-cubes on crosswalks. When somebody goes over the crosswalk, the floor will light up under his feet and the music of Michael Jacksons "Billie Jean" will come out of speakers next to the pavement. This way everybody can feel like Michael in his Clip.

Another pleasant secondary effect is that when it gets dark, drivers can see from far away that someone is crossing the street.
Submitted by Andjelina Schmidt



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