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Bowling Park

2021-12-15 23:50 - 0 Comments

Parking is a big problem for people especially in public spheres. Even it doesn’t seem as a big problem, it is really a big problem for drivers who can not find a parking area especially in big and crowded cities because of the other drivers who do not park in a regular way to the areas that are lined before. We tried to show this problem with some photos. As you see, in these photos, cars are not in a regular way and one car parks in a place where two car can park.

We solved this problem with a funny way. We thought to provide this funny action with a bowling game. We are going to design each of the parking area like a bowling area. In each parking area there will be six bowling pins in a symmetric order as in the picture. These bowling pins’ height will be approximately in the car’s headlight level and their thickness will be in a minimum level. So when the car parks here, it will not create a problem because it will be in the same level with the ground . These Bowling pins’ material will be soft that will not damage the cars. Under these bowling pins there will be sensors which will lie down when the car parks and stand back when the car leave the parking area. If the driver wants to strike and take the biggest point, s/he must touch to all of these six bowling pins. If s/he touch not all of these six, but less than six s/he will score according to the number s/he touch. Except these bowling pins there will be a LCD in front of the car, on the wall or on a plane. The scores will be shown on this screen with voice effects.

Here is the solution, here is the fun!
Submitted by Rıza Demircan



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