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Bike Energy Converter

2021-12-15 16:21 - 0 Comments

An interesting bike concept that offers a great doze of exercise as well as a funny experience through which you can measure your energetic potential.

The concept is simple: the electricity produced while pedaling is collected and can feed up various electric devices. The scientific application has been around for quite a while now but how many times was it transposed into an application that would also generate fun?
From competitions like "How many bulbs can you lighten up?" to a more close-to-season tournament dedicated to children "How much of the Christmas Tree can you lighten up?", the bike energy converter is a source of fun, energy and nevertheless a great way to keep you in shape.

Besides fun purposes, it can also have a environment friendly application for powering:

* microphones for public speeches (and why not stand up comedies?)
* stereo systems for outdoor concerts and shows
* household appliances

and with a little bit of fresh creativity the list can continue.
Submitted by Daniel Bordiniuc



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