Bag Bank

2021-12-15 21:39 - 0 Comments

It is estimated that somewhere between 500 billion and one trillion plastic bags are consumed throughout the world each year and that by 1996, four out of every five grocery bags used were plastic (source: The Environmental Literacy Council)! But did you know that the production of paper bags generate 70% more air and 50 times more water pollutants than the production of plastic bags? Paper production causes acid rain and discarded plastic bags kills hundreds of thousands marine animal each year because they either get entangled by them or because they ingest them thinking its food (source: Washington Post). Clearly both types of bags are environmental hazards! It would be best to re-use the bags we have or to invest in sturdy, high quality reusable bags and have them in your purse, home, office and car so that they are always available if you decide to go shopping. With the Bag Bank, one can "deposit" bags (paper or plastic) and get points/credits in their account to use in the store of their choice. The Bag Bank can be customized like for a grocery store or for placement in malls. One can open a "bag account" first with the store/mall and get a high quality reusable bag and then be even able to choose the design and size of the reusable bag they want or customize what credits one receives for each bag deposited in the bank. To make it more fun (other than just receiving points/credits), The Bag Bank has a screen where it randomly shows funny pictures, short funny videos, play music and maybe even shows information on how the bag they deposited helped the environment! Submitted by Milagros Löfmark.



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