Going Green by Utilsing Human Energy

Going Green by Utilsing Human Energy

2021-12-14 10:20 - 0 Comments

Producing green energy generated by people (during angry, fun and releasing stress, boredom), saving the planet and having fun (turning angry, stressful mood into something chirpy).

People generate lots of energy everyday, Kids playtime, teenagers having some fun or blowing 'off steam', bored and restless individuals, why not get these individuals (and we have alot of them in this world) to contribute to producing green energy via Human Powered Kinetic Energy Technology?

E.g. For Kids, design playrooms in malls where their running and bouncing about with specially designed toys will generate energy and the energy will in return be used to activate fun flashing lights with patterns or power a puppet show etc (you get the idea).

For bored or stressed out individuals and , maybe have a room where there are specially design tools for them produce energy? Maybe a dancing machine with rock and roll music or an exercise bike with cool sounds that makes you feel like you are racing?
Have these in schools, shopping malls, subway/train station etc)

Even the piano staircase idea, if it can be modified to also utilize to generate energy for its own consumption, it will be achieving green energy and if capture of excessive energy is possible, it will be even better.

The idea an be extended in many ways, there are lots of people around producing lots of energy. Even I am generating energy now by typing this message and will generate more when I exercise off my cross trainer later (maybe it I can get my TV hooked up to the crosstrainer, I might exercise even more while watching tv, hence becoming healthier) so its a win-win situation.

Submitted by Adam Chee



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