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Smile hunt ?

2021-12-09 12:32 - 0 Comments

Here you can see some pictures from a charity action I organized with the members of the school charity organization in the ational High School for acient languags andcultures in Bulgaria. This is an organization which I created and which work with children in trouble, orphas and od people and also we have a lot of loal area projects for making people understand theneed of oluntary acts and social change, a small step for a world with much more smiles and positive acts. This action included 20 students fromthe High school which were divided tothree groupswith one clown in each. We wanted to share smiles, to make people be more calm and positive even just for a few minutes... But because of that I wanted it to b mor funny or the volunters too we made i like a copetition- each team had to collect as many smiles as possible,the team which gets the most smiles is the moral winner of the hole group. We had a really reat time, lots of motion and we really shared pleasure and smiles with the people we meton the streets o Sofia. We really reached the idea of the action- we contributed great for people's understanding of the idea for voluntarism, we bring a lot of emotions to people and that is how people can do something good for theothers having great pleasure because of it! Submitted by Magie Nazer.



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