Diet elevator

Diet elevator

2021-12-09 14:57 - 0 Comments

I have identified a problem in buildings which have a reduced number of floors and an elevator. People choose to use the elevator instead of climbing the stairs, which can often be faster and better for physical fitness, but can also mean economy of electricity. In order to change this kind of behavior, we will implement the diet elevator.This elevator contains a weighting machine in the floor. Elevators anyhow have pressure sensor but this will be more precise and will give the exact weight of the person from the elevator, by using an electronic screen placed on the elevator’s wall. Beside the fact that the weight will be displayed, the elevator will also generate an audible message referring to the person’s weight, using a minicomputer and a loudspeaker. There will be made a database containing recordings with all the possible weights( from 30 kg to 340-maximum weight supported by the elevator) and there will also be made a database with funny lines and pieces of advice according to which it is better for your health to use the stairs. Therefore, the moment a person will enter the elevator, she will see her weight on the screen and the elevator will automatically play a line related to her weight. If there will be more than one person entering the elevator, it will register a bigger weight and will play lines for more persons. Submitted by Dobrin Daniel.



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