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Champion's basket

2021-12-09 15:42 - 0 Comments

A street basket system that applauses everyone who put trash on it. The system has: A belt used to be fixed in a tree, a light pole or even a fence. The belt has inside:
1. A device with recorded sounds of winning (like a radio voice of game when giving points, applauses, etc.); 2. A speaker or two; 3. batteries (1 or 2);4. A Solar cell to feed the batteries; A metal or hard plastic holder, so the plastic bag can be attached to it. The holder as a hole and is attached in front of the belt, so when the same is fixed, it keeps everything tight. The holder has small hooks to attach the bag, so everyone can change the bag (neighbors or street sweepers). The objective is a reward to everyone who uses the trash. Submitted by Lucas Selbach.



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