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Reverse Vending Play Method

2021-12-08 17:06 - 0 Comments

It is known, the expenses on the separate collection of utilized packaging is bigger than the cost of accepted products. The producers are generally needed to increase the cost of packaging increasing the cost of product that will in its turn increase the interest of population to return the raw materials to the producers. But this leads to the reducing of consumer demand. The innovation gives same otherwise solution by the way of hidden influence on the society with the help of creation a new means that is: 1) The method of raw materials collection with leadthrough of game; 2) Various kinds of devices for raw materials collection with leadthrough of game; 3) Internet system for automatic regulation of the game payments of reward. It makes possibly: - to broaden the market of raw materials by finding their new application in playgame business; - to make a periodical deficit of any kind of raw materials while they are being collected; through special devices and to implement it as a playing token, lottery tickets or playing element. It will result in increasing the cost of raw materials at their collection stage, but not at their production stage that is typical today. The invention suggests a construction of high-interest automated systems of raw materials collection with the help of specific devices that is named as game-playing machines with the function of secondary raw material collection or as reverse vending machines with playgame feature. Collection of raw material in these devices is made by its receiving as a token, play element or lottery-ticket. Submitted by Vladimir Liulko.



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