Loving the speed limit

Loving the speed limit

2021-12-07 11:51 - 0 Comments

Sticking to the speed limit. Nobody likes to do that! Why go slow when you can go fast? Of course driving fast is dangerous, with governments implementing speed limits as a result. And there is no reward for good driving, only penalties for bad driving! What this system does is encourage safe driving while making it fun, and rewarding drivers for sticking to the speed limit. How it works is that software is developed that integrates with Sat Navs - and/or takes the form of a standalone device. People start with a score of zero and then each time they pass a speed camera at the correct speed they accrue points, eg 10 points. These could vary depending on speed, eg less points if you are going too slow, perfect points if you match the speed exactly and minus points for exceeding the speed limit. The interface itself could also be fun, eg consisting of fruit or coins or tokens and cute sounds as you collect them - much like a computer game such as Super Mario. This system would interface with a website where you could go and see your total points and how/where you won them - or lost them. You could also compare your results against your friends and family, and indeed the whole country. The best driver in the country for the year could be featured in the newspaper and win a substantial prize, eg a new car. Drivers with excellent scores would also be entitled to rewards from the relevant roads authority, eg discounted road tax, or even zero road tax. This would really encourage people to take part; and would no doubt be cost effective for the authority as there would be less accidents (and resultant costs) to deal with. Submitted by Justin Palmer.



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