Eco-Fun Vending Machine

Eco-Fun Vending Machine

2021-12-07 12:14 - 0 Comments

Vending machines are popular in many countries around the world, but most of them sell soda and junk food. Besides being unhealthy, the bottles, cups and cans take time and money to recycle. Let’s encourage people to start reducing disposables at the source. How about a vending machine that sells healthy drinks to those who bring their own reusable bottles or mugs? The vending machine also sells reusable bottles or mugs to those who do not happen to have one with them. Whenever a customer places a bottle or mug on the dispenser, the machine will sense it and say “thank you! You are awesome! Please make your selection of drink and game.” While the drink e.g. fruit juice, green tea, is being dispensed, according to the size the customer requested, the customer has the choice of playing a short game, such as slot machine, spelling game or trivia, on the LCD screen of the vending machine. There will be an electronic highest score board for those who choose to input their names. This will help encourage customers’ friends or co-workers to buy the drinks from that vending machine and challenge each other to have the highest score of the week! Healthy, eco-friendly and fun! Submitted by Angie Palmer.



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