Interactive Crosswalk

Interactive Crosswalk

2021-12-03 12:34 - 0 Comments

Waiting at crosswalks frustrates all of us, more or less often. We're all in a rush at sometimes and don't feel like waiting. But lots of accidents happen because of jaywalking. How can we make waiting at crosswalks more fun?
My idea involves pressure sensitive devices, resembling piano keys but in differing colors, and speakers alongside the crosswalk as shown in the picture. The rules of the 'game' are as follows: people waiting can step on one of the bar-shaped devices (or they can choose not to stand on any of the 'bars'). Each bar corresponds to a certain type of information that would be output through the speakers as people cross. The picture shows one possible configuration of options (blue - weather forecast for the rest of the day; red - random joke; white - top 3 new music hits; black - random child's tune; orange - random trivia fact) The 'winner' is decided by averaging the pressure (i.e. ~ weight of people standing on a particular 'bar') over time (averaging over time ensures that the choices of people who have waited longer matter more than those of the people who have waited less). Then, as people cross, the speakers output the winning piece of information - a joke, or a tune for example. Submitted by Edvin Memet.



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