Hope Rewards

The Hope Rewards

2021-11-30 10:09 - 0 Comments

The idea is to teach compassion in a fun and interactive way. This is a video game that has three choices of play: (1)Three ethics questions, (2) Choosing the ending of a video scenario or (3) Viewer watches a short video depicting life as the member of a selected group (Autism, other disability, homeless, other culture). Machine would be banked with MANY scenarios and information – as so not to become predictable. Original purpose: autism awareness, but can be used for various other reasons. If placed in the school environment: Students (and admin) are rewarded with a token for class credit for community service – or credit towards continued learning. If machine is located in public area: Viewer might earn a code to play from the newspaper, tv ad, grocery store receipt. As a viewer of this machine, they would then be rewarded with a “community buck” (or some reward proposed by the merchant –such as a chance lottery) that would keep business in the local area – therefore benefitting the smaller entrepreneurs. Green button starts machine and peace symbol buttons allow viewer to make choices. For public models, there would be a touchpad to enter “play code”. End result is possibly small bits of info that guide repeat players towards a better understanding or compassion for a select group. Submitted by Donna Keith.



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