Press Bottle

Press Bottle

2021-11-24 15:20 - 0 Comments

We all like to compete, although we don’t always admit it. It’s just genetically coded. We want to compare our intelligence, success, force, skills. Why not using this in recycling?

The problem of unpressed plastic bottles is a problem in all countries. Plastic became an integral part of our lives. It is everywhere we look. We eat from it, we dress in it, we live in it. However, what is it composed of, what are its properties, why do we recycle it and what all can we make from it? The idea is to install entertaining information tables on plastic waste containers, which will attract our attention by their colourfulness and unusual shape.

The tables will display a colour scheme indicating what force one would have to exert to press a plastic bottle and what such a level of force would be equal to (e.g. an equivalent is needed to make move a bike, turn a doorknob, lift a cup of tea, etc.). At the same time, the tables would say what the plastic consists of, what objects are made from it and how, how it is recycled and how long it decomposes in the nature. They would also state why it is absolutely indispensable to sort and recycle plastic and not to dump it together with other waste. If one learns and is instructed in an entertaining way, they very often do not notice and start to use the knowledge automatically. And this is something we all try to do..

Submitted by Frederic Cousseau



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