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Dance at the Zebra Crossing

2021-11-23 16:34 - 0 Comments

In major cities around the world pedestrians do not respect the red traffic light at road crossings and prefer to run carps, causing delays in traffic and sometimes even personal injury to themselves. Across the zebra crossing on both sides of the road there will be two identical installations comprised of a modified "push button and wait for signal" box. It will have a speaker set and music. When the button is pushed the pavement sticker starts the game. When the traffic light for pedestrians turns red, the music starts and the bubbles light up. People waiting to cross would step on the lights, trying to do as soon as they see the light coming, depending on the width of the crossing a number of people would occupy the rows.

Each 3 by 3 matrix will be synchronized to the other in the way the lights are turned on and off. The music background and the lights turning on and off will induce pedestrians to step on them and soon they will realize they are in fact dancing to the patterns given by the sticker. Since it happens at the same time on the two sides of the road it will in fact look like a dance "battle" typical for street dancing.

Submitted by Cezar Neaga.



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