Karma Kalculator

2021-11-19 15:04 - 0 Comments

Freecycling is a fantastic way to pay it forward and to keep unused clothes from becoming landfill. The Karma Kalculator makes donating used clothes fun. It dispenses a fortune cookie style fortune to "predict" the good that will coming to them for the good that they have done.

How it works - clothes are deposited into the container. As the clothes drop in they pass through a through beam sensor that will start the kalculator. Lights flash and whirring sounds come from the machine. Once machine is done "calculating", a fortune is dispensed (like the output from an early computer) - “You will experience great joy this week” or “Your love for life will bring you new friends this month” or “Your motivation at work will be recognized in the coming weeks”, etc.

Submitted by Dan Bemmann



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