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Recycling Stats

2021-11-18 18:14 - 0 Comments

Many people do not care about recycling and throw plastics/cans/paper/glass into the same, general purpose, rubbish bin. If we would add a fun incentive to it, their behaviour could change! Monitor your recycling and compete with other people in your recycling bin/your district/your town. Each time a person comes to the recycling bin, he enters his code & password and in this way lets the system know it's him. A personalized profile (also accessible through internet) appears and displays the person's statistics: contribution this time, high-scores of this bin and the city, historical statistics, etc. Each time when some recyclable items are thrown in, weight of the bin changes, which is tracked by some digital scales underneath. A person gets a 'thank you'-note, like: "you are among top10 recyclers here, 22% more responsible than the others" or something similar.

Online presence of statistics allows for creating a competition engine and reward system that should be monitored by the municipality. By having statistics online, accessible to everyone, it is possible to announce a house/district/city competitions as well as reward the top performers.

Submitted by Danielius Stasiulis, Anastasija Zemdliauskaite and Aurimas Balsiukas



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