Rewarding Speed Limit Signs

2021-11-12 15:47 - 0 Comments

It's important to slow down in residential areas – children are playing and might run out in the street – and if you’re speeding you won’t have enough time to react. In the USA we have mobile radar detector/signs with large digital displays that warn drivers when they are speeding. But it's not very fun when you see this sign, or very fun to make the number decrease to the speed limit as you decelerate. You slow down out of fear of getting a ticket, not to make driving safer. It focuses on how bad you’ve been. Why not reward good behavior instead?

Could obeying the law be fun?
Why not use a high-end digital display for more interesting things like casinos do? Make hitting the speed limit as exciting as a spin on a slot machine. Make it something really positive. Instead of photographing speed offenders, photograph the license plates of the drivers that obey the law! If they drive the correct speed, their license plate is photographed and 3 wheels spin on the display and they get a chance of winning something of value. If they come up with 3 items in a row the sign says "Great driving! You will receive (x) in the mail!" Where (x) is something of value, or perceived value. A lotto ticket. A fancy certificate with the photo of you obeying the law on it... And to make this "re-playable" so that the same driver will do this the next time, the odds can be only 1 in (y) so that every (z) times the drivers will indeed win something – they will want to try and try until they hit the jackpot. I am very sure drivers will want to slow down for that. It might take 60 tries, but on a person’s commute home, this would make all the difference in making this ride fun for them, and safe for others.

Submitted by Kevin Richardson



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