Treadmill Racing Track

2021-11-07 21:09 - 0 Comments

Treadmills and exercise bikes at the gym are a great way for people to work out regardless of the conditions outside. The problem is that they're boring and monotonous, and there's no incentive to push yourself (unlike running outside, when there's always someone to try to catch up to). The solution: Treadmill Racing. Network a series of treadmills and exercise bikes so that each one knows how
fast its user is running/pedaling in relation to the other users. Project this data on a big-screen "track" in the front of the gym so that the gym members can engage in a little friendly competition with one another. You might time your start as someone else is completing a "lap" so you can race against them. In the end, it's about becoming healthier by having fun. That's the theory,
at least. Submitted by Jamey Stegmaier



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